April 22, 2021

April 22, 2021

“No Infallible Interpreter for Rome’s Infallible Interpreter” with Dr. William Webster & Rev. David T. King on Iron Sharpens Iron. (4/20/21)

Does the OT Teach that the Angel of the Lord is Yahweh?, a debate between Anythony Rogers and CJ Thriepland. (4/21/21)

Can we have communion with the Trinity?, a discussion between Kelly Kapic and Matthew Barrett. (4/21/21)

Click here to listen in on a conversation (and answers to questions) with Eli Ayala and Brian Knapp. (4/20/21)

Yes, Bart Ehrman, Jesus is Yahweh, by Jonathan Mclatchie. (4/21/21)

Welcome to God’s House, by Mike Myers. (4/20/21)

A Brief Overview Of The Jehovah’s Witness Worldview, by . Warner Wallace. (4/20/21)

A Case Study on Marriage Counseling After Adultery, by Brad Hambrick. (4/20/21)

Here is the latest edition (Vol. 46, Is. 1) of Themelos, an online theological journal.