April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

How I Begin the First Counseling Session, by Paul Tautges. (4/16/21)

Here are interviews with various authors eg. Simonetta Carr, Robert Godfrey, G. K. Beale) from Christ Reformed Church.

This is an older, but timely article by Greg Koukl, Not a Hint of Politics. Greg discussed this on a recent podcast. (4/16/21)

Douglas Axe: Stupid Design? Or Elegant Invention?, by David Klinghoffer. Article discusses a course offered by Douglas Axe.

Progressive vs. Evangelical: A Dialogue for Clarity, a discussion between Sean McDowell and Colby Martin. (4/15/21)

The Blessed Hope is a new podcast with host Kim Riddlebarger.

Bahnsen University is now available from Apologia Studios.

Watch Dr. J. Mark Beach speak about Some Ethical Questions Christians Face Today: Pathways to Moral Reasoning. (4/1/21)

Here is James White discussing John’s Testimony to the Deity of Christ: John 1:1-18, 8:24, 58, 20:28. (3/29/21)

Obedience to Civil Authorities, by Brant Bosserman. (3/29/21)

Extraordinary Claims Do Not Require Extraordinary Evidence, by Tim McGrew.