April 15, 2021

April 15, 2021

The Significance Of The Early Patristic Sources, by Jason Engwer (4/15/21)

Does God Have Feelings?, by Neil Steward (4/10/21)

Here is an interview with Stephen Nichols on his new biography of R.C Sproul. (4/14/21)

Fred Sanders and Ryan Hurd spoke to one another on the topic, Introducing Junius on the Trinity. (4/13/21)

Lydia McGrew was recently interview by SJ Thomason to, Debunk Falsities About John’s Gospel (4/12/21)

Forthcoming book: Handbook on the Gospels, by Benjamin L. Gladd (Baker Academic). Due June 2021. Read and excerpt here.

TruthXchange recently held on online symposium on the topic, The State of our Dis-union. You can watch the videos here.

Check out the two part series from the Cultish Podcast on Leaving the Hebrew Israelites, Part 1 (4/6/21) and Part 2 (4/13/21).