April 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

Atheism Needs Christianity, by Gary DeMar (4/5/21)

A Tool for Reading the Bible Devotionally, by Erik Raymond (3/31/21)

A new pro-life film, Roe V. wade.

Corinth and the Woke, by James White. (4/8/21)

New book: Teach Them to Work: Building a Positive Work Ethic in Our Children, by Mary Beeke (RHB).

Lunch Lecture: God Does Not Need Us, by Gary McKee. (4/7/21)

The Eternal Generation Of the Son: What It Is and Why It Matters: A conversation between Dr. Mark A. Garcia and Dr. Charles Lee Irons.

Eight Reasons Online Worship is Incomplete Worship, by Barry York (3/22/21)

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger was the speaker for the 2021 Robert G. and Nellie B. den Dulk Lectures. Here are the lectures: Preaching and Apologetics (4/6/21); Preaching and Systematic Theology (4/7/21); Preaching and Biblical Theology (4/8/21).

Listen to the Inaugural Address of the President of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, by Dr. Jonathan Master, “A Pillar and Buttress of Truth (3/11/21).

The latest edition of Credo (Volume 11, Issue 1, 2021) is on the theme, The Undivided Trinity.

Dr. Jonathan McLatchie interviewed Tim & Lidia McGrew on the resurrection. (4/2/21)