March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021

What About Evil? An Interview with Pastor Scott Christensen. (3/25/21)

Against the TikTok argument for Homosexuality, by Christian Wagner. (3/24/21)

Brett and Erin answer the question, Do WE Get to Determine Our OWN GENDER?. (3/24/21)

Virgil Walker on Show with Virgil Walker on “How Woke is the Southern Baptist Church?” on the Iron Sharpens Iron podcast. (324/21).

Here is Ricky Roldan and Eli Eyala talking about “Taking Presup to the Streets”. (3/23/21)

J. Warner Wallace answers the question, How Do I Respond As A Christian When My Friends Want To Smoke Marijuana?. (2/17/21)

Family, Church, and Kingdom: Mapping Providential Affinities and Eschatological Destiny, with Mark Garcia. (2/9/21)