March 25, 2021

March 25, 2021

Sean McDowell on 3 Reflections for the Church on the upcoming Gay Captain America. (3/23/21)

Founders Ministries recently released a video of James Dolezal’s lecture on Divine Simplicity. (3/22/21) Very Good

Keith Mathison answers the question, Is the COVID Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?. (3/23/21)

New book: Amazing Love! How Can It Be Studies on Hymns by Charles Wesley, eds. Chris Fenner and Brian G. Najapfour (Wipf & Stock).

Debating strategies for atheists and Christians, by Lucien Tuinstra. (3/23/21)

Ryan Burge asks, Should We Bother Debating Atheists? (3/18/21).