March 2, 2021

March 2, 2021

A new podcast on Young-earth creation includes hosts Todd Wood and Paul Garner. Go here to listen. Here is the YouTube Channel.

Why Must God be One to be Three? Matthew Levering and Matthew Barrett Discuss Divine Simplicity (3/2/21)

New book: The Same God Who Works All Things: Inseparable Operations in Trinitarian Theology, by Adonis Vidu (Eerdmans, March 2021).

New book: Preaching Christ from Leviticus Foundations for Expository Sermons, by Sidney Greidanus (Eerdmans, March 2021).

Don’t miss the 3/2/21 edition of the Renewing Your Mind podcast on the topic of Richard Sibbs.

Critical theory … for kids?, by Janie B. Cheaney.

People Are More Than Labels, by Alan Shlemon. (2/23/21)

(video) Anthony Rogers spends some time looking at the “I AM” sayings of Jesus. (2/27/21).

Sean McDowell interviewed Todd Miles on the topic Christians and Marijuana. (2/24/21).

Alisa Childers interviewed Dawain Atkinson on the topic, An Ex-NAR Apostle Tells His Story. (2/28/21)

This interview with Lane Tipton on the topic of “He’s Worthy of Proclamation”. (2/24/21)