March 19, 2021

March 19, 2021

Forthcoming: The Trinity and the Bible: On Theological Interpretation, by Scott Swain (Lexham Press, Sept. 2021).

Why Is It Unwise to Lend, Borrow or Cosign Among Family and Close Friends? – Part 1, by Jim Newheise (3/17/21); Part 2 (3/19/21).Philosophy for Understanding Theology: The Metaphysics Behind the Reformed Confessions, by Craig Carter. (3/11/21)

O Church, Arise: A Passionate Plea for Biblical and Confessional Integrity is a conference to be held in Birmingham, AL, May 5-6, 2021.

Critical Thinking in a Secular Culture [Podcast #7], with Natasha Crain. (3/17/21)

Why is a Proper Understanding of the Trinity Essential? is a recent discussion with Matthew Barrett. (3/18/21)

A Case Study on Growing in Emotional Maturity, by Brad Hambrick. (3/16/21)

Sean McDowell deals with What Resurrection Actually Means (4 MISCONCEPTIONS).

John Piper and Tripp Lee sit down to discuss the topic, How Do I Find Peace When Unsaved Loved Ones Die? (3/17/21).