March 18, 2021

March 18, 2021

Tom Ascol and Jared Longshore talk address the topic, Covid-19 Vaccine | Lordship of Christ, Moral Obligation & Loving Your Neighbor. (3/16/21)

Here Jason Engwer addresses the topic, Hearing And Touching The Resurrected Jesus. (3/18/21)

The fourteenth annual Gaffin Lecture was held on 3/17/21; speaker was Dr. Cornelis Venema. Dr. Venema lectured on the topic, Should Effectual Calling and Regeneration be Distinguished?.

The Ligonier National Conference starts today (3/18/21). You can watch it live online.

Registration is open for the Biblical Worldview Student Conference to be held May 31-June 5.

Matthew Barrett was recently interviewed on Parker’s Pensées on the topic, Simply Trinity And Why Eternal Generation Doesn’t Entail EFS. (3/17/21)

Greenville Seminary has announced that it has assumed all responsibilities for publishing The Confessional Presbyterian Journal (3/16/21)

Barry Waugh has posted on the topic, New Testament Names and Designations for Jesus. (3/16/21)

Mitch Stokes has posted An Open Letter to An Atheist Loved One. Part 1 (10/27/20) and Part 2 (3/17/21).