March 16, 2021

March 16, 2021

Ed Welch and David Murray recently spoke on Anxiety, Depression, and Shame.

The second episode of Let’s Talk Creation is now available. Todd Wood and Paul Garner speak on the topic, Why is Young Age Creationism Important? (3/15/21)

Here is Ian Hamilton speaking about The Pastor & His Books. (3/2/21)

Check out this New documentary on R. C. Sproul.

Event: Pandemics and the Church: historical and contemporary response, March 19, 2021. Hosted online by the Scottish Reformation Society.

Dr. James Anderson was recently interviewed on the topic, We Live In a Novel, NOT a Computer Simulation!. (3/3/21)

Greg Koukl recently interviewed Dan Kimble on his new book, How (Not) To Read The Bible. (3/3/21)

New book: With A Mighty Triumph!: Christ’s Resurrection and Ours, by Rhett P. Dodson (Banner of Truth).

New book: In the Beginning: Listening to Genesis 1 and 2, by Cornelis Van Dam (RHB, March 2021).

Dr. Oliver Crisp was recently interviewed on the topic “Can the Doctrines of Simplicity and Trinity Fit Together?” (2/22/21).