2021 Conference Schedule

2021 Conference Schedule

Tentative Conference Schedule

6-7pm – Session 1 “Toward a Biblical Defense of Apologetics” (Ayala)

9-10am – Session 2 “Paul and Joseph: Comparing Paul’s Witness to the Resurrection to Joseph Smith’s Visions” (Bowman)

10:10-11:10 – Session 3 “Why I Am Not a Muslim: A Worldview Critique of Islam” (Rogers)

11:30-12:40 – Lunch

12:45 – 1:45 – Session 4 “Michael the Archangel or God the Son? Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Deity of Christ” (Bowman)

2-3pm – Session 5 “Revelation and Incarnation: How Islam’s Denial of the Latter Precludes the Possibility of the Former” (Rogers)

3:10-4-10 – Session 6 “The Foolishness of Unbelief” (Ayala)

4:20-5:20 – Q&A (Ayala, Bowman, Rogers)