October 6, 2020

October 6, 2020

(audio) Here is part 1 (9/28/20) and part 2 (10/5/20) of a discussion between James Walker, Don Veinot, and Marcia Montenegro on the topic of “The Enneagram Secret”.

(video) Ricky Roldan has a two part series on presuppositional apologetics here (9/25/20) and here (10/2/20).

(video) Speaking of presuppositional apologetics, Eli Ayala took some time to respond to some online critics, here (10/5/20).

Andrew Spencer has some thought on Conspiracy Theories (9/25/20). On this issue, see also Robert Morey’s The Christian and Conspiracy Theories.

Dr. Michael Morales was recently interviewed on his new book Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (IVP Academic). Here is the interview (9/25/20).

John Piper recently answered the following question, Why Does It Matter That Christ Was ‘Begotten, Not Made’? (9/25/20).

Tom Ascol has written A Brief Critique of Critical Race Theory (9/7/20). Also, Greg Koukl recently interviewed Neil Shenv here.

Joel Beeke discusses, with Scott T. Brown and Jason Dohm, Helping Children Listen to Preaching (10/5/20).

Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC recently held a conference on the topic of “Covenants”. Speakers were Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, Dr. Gabriel N. E. Fluhrer, and Dr. Richard D. Phillips. Click here to listen (10-2 – 10/4/2020).

B&H Academic has recently published a book that looks very interesting, Urban Legends of Church History: 40 Common Misconceptions, by John Adair and Michael Svigel (Oct. 2020).

Should Christians Baptize on Behalf of the Dead? Andrew Menkis recently answered the question here (9/10/20)

Eric Johnson over and Mormonism Research Ministry has posted on the 10 Common Mistakes Latter-day Saints Make When Reading the Bible