October 6, 2020

October 6, 2020

(audio) Here is part 1 (9/28/20) and part 2 (10/5/20) of a discussion between James Walker, Don Veinot, and Marcia Montenegro on the topic of “The Enneagram Secret”.

(video) Speaking of presuppositional apologetics, Eli Ayala took some time to respond to some online critics, here (10/5/20).

Andrew Spencer has some thought on Conspiracy Theories (9/25/20). On this issue, see also Robert Morey’s The Christian and Conspiracy Theories.

Dr. Michael Morales was recently interviewed on his new book Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (IVP Academic). Here is the interview (9/25/20).

John Piper recently answered the following question, Why Does It Matter That Christ Was ‘Begotten, Not Made’? (9/25/20).

Tom Ascol has written A Brief Critique of Critical Race Theory (9/7/20). Also, Greg Koukl recently interviewed Neil Shenv here.

Joel Beeke discusses, with Scott T. Brown and Jason Dohm, Helping Children Listen to Preaching (10/5/20).

Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC recently held a conference on the topic of “Covenants”. Speakers were Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, Dr. Gabriel N. E. Fluhrer, and Dr. Richard D. Phillips. Click here to listen (10-2 – 10/4/2020).

B&H Academic has recently published a book that looks very interesting, Urban Legends of Church History: 40 Common Misconceptions, by John Adair and Michael Svigel (Oct. 2020).

Should Christians Baptize on Behalf of the Dead? Andrew Menkis recently answered the question here (9/10/20)

Eric Johnson over and Mormonism Research Ministry has posted on the 10 Common Mistakes Latter-day Saints Make When Reading the Bible