October 29, 2020

October 29, 2020

Check out the recent conference from Reformation Bible College, Always Ready: Answers to Tough Questions (10/3/20)

What was the reformation all about? R.C. Sproul answers the question here, and Champ Thornton describes to us How to Teach the Reformation to the Next Generation (10/28/20).

Did Jesus have a wife? Christian Askeland addresses this question in a post titled, Closing the Case on the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife (10/28/20).

The Truly Presbyterian Podcast had a recent interview with James Dolezal on the topic, God Is: Simple (10/28/20).

Here Stephen Myers interviews John Lennox on a new film titled, “Against the Tide.”

Who Is Defending Classic Dispensationalism Today? Gary DeMar addresses the question, here (10/27/20).

Here is a Trinitarian Glossary taken from Scott Swains new book, The Trinity: An Introduction (Crossway).

Also, make now that in March 2021 Baker will publish a book by Matthew Barrett titled, Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and Spirit.