October 23, 2020

October 23, 2020

Sean McDowell has interviewed Dan Kimball on his new book How (Not) to Read the Bible. Watch the interview here (Oct. 21, 2020).

A new book by J. Daniel Hays has been released titled, A Christian’s Guide to Evidence for the Bible (Baker).

Do the Church Fathers Still Speak Today? Christopher Hall and Matthew Barrett answer that question. (10/20/20).

Joel Beeke and others recently spoke at conference on the topic, Suffering and the Sovereignty of God (Oct. 16-18, 2020).

You’ll want to check out the John Murray Collection that Nick Batzig has brought together. (1/5/2018).

Peter S. Williams has written a new book titled, Outgrowing God? A Beginner’s Guide to Richard Dawkins and the God Debate (Wipf and Stock).

Mark Farnham reminds us What abortion really is. (10/20/20).

J. V. Fesko has written a new book on creeds titled, The Need for Creeds Today: Confessional Faith in a Faithless Age (Baker).