October 12, 2020

October 12, 2020

Anthony Rogers and Taylor Stewart debated one another on the subject Is God Triune? (10/11/20).

R. Scott Clark has posted On The King James Only Movement, The Majority Text, And Text Criticism (10/9/20).

Alisa Childers interviewed Marcia Montenegro, Is the Enneagram a Trojan Horse in the Church? (10/4/20).

Gary DeMar recently spoke on the topic How to Internalize Scripture (10/9/20).

Mark Ward recently posted on the topic How to Rescue People from the Trap of KJV-Onlyism (10/9/20).

Sean McDowell, Scott Rae and Monique Duson recently addressed Critical Race Theory. Listen here (10/8/20).

Listen to the most recent Reformed Forum podcast; in interview with Dr. James Eglinton on his recently Critical Biography of Herman Bavinck (10/9/20).

Vern Poythress recently posted on The Baptism of Jesus (9/26/20).

The Most Important Thing In Childbearing, by Joel Beeke (10/9/20).

Jason Engwer recently addressed, What To Make Of 1 Timothy 3:15 And Catholic Claims About It (10/6/20).