September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020

Broadman & Holeman is about to published this new book, Urban Legends of Church History (B&H).

Frank Turek recently interviewed Tricia Scribner on the topic The Strongest Arguments for God. The book mentioned, Answering the Music Man: Dan Barker’s Arguments against Christianity can be found here.

Dr. Michael Barrett’s new book The Gospel of Exodus: Misery, Deliverance, Gratitude (RHB) is now available.

Greg Koukl published part 4 of his Street Tactics (9/1/20).

Eli Ayala recently interviewed one of Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s best friends Roger Wagner. They also talk about the new Bahnsen Project. Watch here. The Bahnsen Project website is located here.

James Anderson recently wrote, Answering Some Questions on the Theological Foundations of Modern Science (8/31/20).