September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary held their annual conference late last week on the topic, “The Grace of the Law.” Go here to listen to the audio.

A new publication (to me) focusing on Jonathan Edwards called the “Edwardseana” is located online here (Spring 2020 issue).

Simonetta Carr writes about “Teaching Church History to Children” in this blog post (8/4/20).

Jeremy Peters writes about A Big God for Little People: The Responsibility of Teaching Children (8/4/20).

Over at First Things numerous authors have published a pieced entitled, Advice for Student in a Time of Strife (8/27/20).

Jeffrey Stivason instructs us on how the Psalms are A Mentor to Our Spiritual Experience (8/21/20).

Sidney Greidanus, in his Preaching Christ from the Psalms (Eerdmans) makes the observation that the, “general popularity of Psalm 23 is quite recent and a distinctly American phenomenon. The shepherd psalm had no particular status in the liturgy and devotions practiced during most of Christian history, until the late nineteenth century, and then primarily in America. Why? Holladay thinks the first-person-singular idiom of the psalm fitted the individualism emerging in America.” (pg. 342).