August 24, 2020

August 24, 2020

(audio) Frank Turek critiques a recent blog entry by Ron Sider on a recent podcast on Does Abortion Trump Everything Else? (8/22/20)

InterVarsity Press has published a new edition of James Sire’s The Universe Next Door (6th ed.), Forward by Jim Hoover.

Justin Holcomb writes about Arianism: Its Teaching and Rebuttal (8/20/20).

The Faculty of Shepherds’ Seminary Africa has produce a statement on Social Justice and the Woke Church. Click here to read.

(audio) Doug Wilson recently interviewed Dr. J. Budziszewski on the topic of Natural Law (8/20/20)

(video) Marcia Montenegro was recently interviewed by Ratio Christi South Africa on the topic Spellbound: The Seduction of the Paranorma (8/6/2020)

(video) Daniel Hyde answers the question Why Was Jesus Baptized? (8/16/20).

Christopher Neiswonger recently lectured on the topic Cosmological Argumentation in contemporary theology (8/15/20).

Joel Beeke speaks (briefly) on the issue You Can’t Get Enough Truth.

Reformation Heritage has published a new book by Paul Washer titled, The Essential Means of Grace (Aug. 2020).