July 29, 2020

July 29, 2020

Two new books, one on the Westminster Confession and one on the Westminster Shorter Catechism is available: Bible Truth Explored: Searching the Scriptures with the Shorter Catechism, by Murdo A.N. Macleod. Here is a sample. And Our Faith: Understanding Scripture with the Westminster Confession, by Matthew Vogan and Catherine Hyde. Here is a sample.

Introducing the new Creation Theology Society.

What Does God Say to Those Who Struggle with Addiction? Listen to Mark Shaw discuss this topic.

Pro-Choicer Thinks Jesus’ Silence on Abortion Affirms Abortion…It Doesn’t! See why here

“Learn to inherit, appreciate, and critique your history like adults.”

“Chopping children up is an essential service in California, but teaching them to sing songs about Jesus isn’t? We await your response, governor.” Doug Wilson.

My Good Shepherd is a song written by Dr. George Scipione before he past away earlier this year.