December 8, 2018

December 8, 2018

Ligonier has new teaching series with Steven Lawson. The first message of each is online free: Foundations of Grace: Old Testament, Foundations of Grace: New Testament

“One cannot consistently make the feminist argument that abortion rights are fundamentally women’s rights while also conceding the transgender argument that a person’s physiology doesn’t determine whether that person is a man or a woman.” When Progressive Ideologies Collide, by James N. Anderson.

If you are not familiar with The Quarterly Journal from Personal Freedom Outreach, click here.

The Trivium and the Christian
(1) A Confident Christian – knowing what you believe (Grammar stage)
(2) A Clear thinking Christian – knowing why you believe, what you believe (Dialectic stage)
(3) A Courageous and graceful Christian in every encounter – being able to communicate what you believe and why (Rhetoric stage)

(1) Knowing what you believe (grammar – knowledge. Memorizing the facts)
(2) Knowing why you believe what you believe (dialectic – understanding. Discovering the facts)
(3) Being able and willing to explain what and why you believe (rhetoric – wisdom. Explaining the facts)