December 14, 2018

December 14, 2018

Herman Bavinck’s Christian Worldview is set to be released in October 2019.

Here is a link to petition by medical, legal, and policy organizations and individuals to uphold the scientific definition of sex.

Covenant OPC in Saint Augustine, FL is hosting a conference on the topic of Building Bridges Instead of Barriers: Reforming Race Relationships in the Church. Speakers include: Rev. Mika Edmonson, Christina Edmondson, Dennis E. Johnson, Terry L. Johnson, Rev. Joel E. Kim, Diane L. Olinger, Rev. Alan D. Strange, Rev. Eric Watkins, Alicia Williams, and Gabriel J. Williams.

William Webster and David T. King were interviewed on Irons Sharpens Iron (Dec. 12) “The Lie of Rome that Sola Scriptura Was Invented by the Reformers”.

“….Right understanding always involves making careful distinctions.” Ferguson, The Trinitarian Devotion of John Owen, 47. HT: Ryan McGraw

“Moral insanity hurts people.” James R. White